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The Wales National Airshow

Monday, July 13, 2015

My first experience of the Wales National Airshow...

The Wales National Airshow takes place annually along the entire 5 mile stretch of the stunning Swansea Bay, from SA1 to Mumbles head.

Despite the weather, the 2015 event was a fantastic success.

We asked our placement student Mary Li for her review of her very first visit to this fun-for-all-the-family event...

The Wales National Air Show has more than ten programs over 2 days that play over the beautiful Swansea Bay. Many amazing and different planes fly over the sea, demonstrating their ability.

Thousands of people flock to the seaside - most people come with their families, children and dogs. When watching the show, they are happily chatting away whilst sitting on the grassy banks or walking along the golden sands beach. Children also take the opportunity to play in the sea or sand. It is a very lively atmosphere.

The most amazing display in my opinion is the Red Arrows. Nine highly trained planes fly together. They are extremely fast and flexible! - Spinning in the air, and breaking through the clouds whilst leaving many excellent and visible coloured traces. The crowds cheer and applaud again and again. One of the most extraordinary shapes created in my opinion was an arrow that passed through a red heart.

I talked to some of the crowd- the most common word repeated was “worth” - “It was well worth the wait“. Many in the audience were not from Swansea, and they also felt this show was extremely worth the journey here and it had made their weekend. 

The Wales National Air Show by Mary Li for Scamperholidays - Red Arrows