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Thursday, May 21, 2015

On the Buses...

Getting around the Gower Peninsula without a car may be a consideration to many thinking of holidaying with us at Scamperholidays. We sent our adventurous placement student Candice Soh out and about on the buses to investigate further...


As a non-Welsh student from Trinity University, I tend to only stay in Swansea City centre because of the campus and our accommodation. I am also not a driver, therefore staying in the city has been easier for me to get around with legs.

I have considered exploring South Wales ever since I arrived in Swansea but the furthest I’ve been so far is the Mumbles. As a student it is hard to find time to go and explore!

I’m currently on work placement with Scamper Holidays and duing this time I’ve travelled further away from Swansea. With this opportunity, I’ve been able to explore the Gower by bus, which I hope will help our visitors and guests to get around easily.

Waking up in the morning and setting off for an adventure...

Scamper Holidays has three sites in the Gower. Two at South Gower and one at North Gower. The journey would start from South to the North.

As I live in Swansea, I set off by taking the bus from the Swansea Quadrant bus station. I waited at terminal U of the bus station then took the 118 bus to go to the Gower. The 118 bus is only for weekdays and Saturdays - for people who wish to go on Sundays, take the 114 or the 116 bus.

As I get on the bus, I ask for a Go Gower ticket - however if you don’t live in Swansea or are not planning on travelling around the City, it is best to get the one-day ticket as it is cheaper than a GO Gower ticket.

The bus sets off, its first stop is at Uplands which has restaurants, Sainsburys, pubs and bars around it. It is a place that I’m familiar with as I live close by. For people who would like to explore the Uplands and enjoy oriental food, I would recommend the Vietnam Restaurant - they do really good meals!

The next stop is Sketty, another place that I’m familiar with, as it’s near to Singleton Park and again has shops, restaurants and cafes around.

Coming up is Killay. Killay is the closest shopping centre from Three Cliffs Bay. Visitors can enjoy food shopping there during their stay as its only a 17 minute bus journey from Three Cliffs Bay. 

As soon as we passed Killay, I was in shock because of the views - they are stunning! It is no longer city grey - its GREEN!! Especially on a sunny day, it looks like a completely different place. If you travel from Swansea, I would recommend sitting on the left hand side of the bus, because you will be able to see some amazing sea views during the bus journey.

Next stop is The Gower Heritage Centre that organise many events and activities around the area. Visitors can look at our website  ‘What’s on’ page for further information about events and activities in the local area. I had been interested to attend their Cheese and Cider weekend for weeks but sadly something came up, which is a shame that I couldn’t go this time, I will have to wait for next year! They also have some other interesting events coming up, which show more about the Welsh culture such as Gower Folk Festival & the Coracle Fishing Weekend. From Three Cliffs Bay to The Gower Heritage Centre is only a 3 minutes bus journey.

The next stop is Three Cliffs Bay, which is our first Scamp-site - it has very nice views and easy beach access. For guests that are staying at Three Cliffs Bay, remember to hit the buzzer as soon as you see the green sign - I kept missing the stop!!  For non-residents you will find access to Three Cliffs Bay via a short walk down to the beach.

Perriswood Archery and Falconry Centre is the next stop, which is another great activity place for visitors. They provide archery lesson all day and also allow visitors to get close to their birds. It is an ideal place for all the family to visit. If you like ‘Arrows, Talons and Tea’, it is the perfect place to spend a day on. Perriswood Archery is very close to Three Cliffs Bay (3 minutes by bus) and only a 19 minute bus journey from our second site, Pitton Cross. 

The beautiful journey continues along winding roads through Scurlage towards Pitton Cross. The bus stop is located directly outside our second Scamp-site at Pitton Cross. The bus then continues on to Rhossili bay which has been awarded as the "best beach in the UK" and "one of the top 10 beaches in the world". It is the first time I’ve been into Rhossili bay and right next to it you can see Worm’s head. For some reason I kept calling it the turtle’s head but it really is the Worm’s head! There is a path to cross over to the Worm’s head but you need to be aware of the tide times to do this- it’s best to check before setting off. From our Pitton Cross site to Rhossili Bay is only a 4 minutes bus journey.

Another journey would take you from Pitton Cross to Port Eynon. This is a 14 minute bus journey, taking you through Knelston and then back down to Port Eynon Bay. The bus will then return on the route that leads back to Swansea. For visitors wishing to visit the Port Eynon area, you will need to change the bus at Knelston to the 117. Port Eynon has a very nice beach, and it has bar food and cafes around the area.

The 117 bus will then take you from Port Eynon to Horton bay which is a 5 minute bus journey.

Horton to Oxwich Cross is then a 14 minute bus journey. At Oxwich Cross there is Oxwich Bay and Oxwich Castlle. There are also restaurants around the area, which would make a good day out.

Visitors wishing to explore the North Gower or to visit our third site would either need to take the 116 bus from Swansea Quadrant bus station, which goes straight to Llangennith or alternatively take the 118 bus, which would enable you to explore the South Gower first, then change to the 115 bus at Knelston, to change route for North Gower. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it that far as I had limited time around the Gower.

Both the 115 and 116 buses would take you to our third Scamp-site at Kennexstone in Llangennith, and both of the buses pass the Grey Hound Inn in Oldwalls, which is known by their good food around the area.

Overall my day on the buses was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. My advice for anyone wishing to holiday this way would be to plan in advance your journey route, and be aware of when your bus stop is coming up as it can be easy to miss your stop if you don't press the buzzer! The bus drivers in general are very helpful therefore you can always ask them to let you know when you need to get off.


For further information and a "The Gower Coast and Countryside without a Car" leaflet that is available as a download please visit 



View of Three Cliffs Bay from Three Cliffs Bay holiday park