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Can Afghan Hounds Make You Think?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our witty placement student Jake Sedlak has been staying on-site at our Kennexstone scamp-site in Llangennith. Our luxury glamping accommodations and the campsite itself is pet-friendly and Jake has been reflecting on this aspect during his stay.

Here are Jake's observations from his 2 night stay in our luxury Scamper-Dome...

Can Afghan Hounds Make You Think?...

They certainly made me.

I have noticed about ten of them on our scamp-site. Some of them have just passed a few feet away from me:  beautiful, elegant and lofty with the morning wind waving their majestic coat.

I instantly thought about their owners - How much dedication, hard work and effort they must be putting into keeping their doggies in this tip top condition. Especially whilst staying in huts, caravans or tents. It must be a difficult task I would imagine?

I simply cannot stop admiring people who are prepared to go to any length to accomplish something important to them.

I suppose it is like that with everything in life. If you really love something, if you are dedicated, if you are willing to make an effort and even a sacrifice, then the effects can be amazing -just like the Afghan Hounds I saw a few minutes ago.

P.S. The accommodation is impeccable as always with the additional twist of having two-in-one: a dome for living and sleeping and a campervan for cooking – really nice. 5*****.

Kathryn and Mark, thank you once again for another couple of days in Welsh Paradise ;).


Afghan hounds at our luxury pet-friendly scamp-site in Llangennith